Urbanworld & Liberated People Collaboration

19 YEARS AND COUNTING... Over the past 18 years, Urbanworld Film Festival has welcomed the biggest and brightest on screen talent, directors and key industry influencers. This engaging and unique 5-day festival includes film screenings (Documentary, Narrative and Shorts), panel discussions (UW Digital), Live screenplay readings and exclusive music performances (UW Music).The five-day festival includes narrative features, documentaries, short films, spotlight screenings and events, live staged screenplay readings. Urbanworld has also provided a platform for some of today's leading brands seeking to reach key influencers across the industry and within the consumer marketplace. The Urbanworld Film Festival is an initiative of the Urbanworld Foundation Inc., a nonprofit organization that endeavors to consistently manifest its mission of redefining and advancing the presence and impact of the multicultural community in cinema and cross-platform media. 


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