"If I Had A Son, He Would Look Like Trayvon"

"Trayvon gave us a name, a face and a symbol to rally around”

Gbenga Akinnagbe


February 26, 2012 #TrayvonMartin was murdered and the Movement For Black Lives was born.
In honor of 5 non-stop years of activism Liberated People presents the
“Our Son Trayvon” hoodie.

The peoples response to the injustice of his death gave birth to the Movement For Black Lives, which inspired movements for justice and liberation all over the world.

As his family and the beloved community face the 5th anniversary of the stalking and stealing of his life, #LiberatedPeople has made 
the “Our Son Trayvon” honorary hoodie.

We will never forget his unforgettable name.
We will never forget the ultimate contribution Trayvon and his family made to this generations liberation movement.

15 % of all sales will go directly to the
Trayvon Martin Foundation.
Available for order now at weareliberated.com.

Due to the  overwhelming high demand for the Trayvon Martin Sweatshirts please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.


  • Lois Rose
    White people may have thought thought everything was OK till Trayvon. Thats when we had to face the fact that we have barely begun to change this country and make it great for all people. So much work to do and we have to work from the heart now, not just follow our blind politicians.

  • Berry

    Love the Hoodie and who and what it represents. Will there be larger sizes available soon?

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