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She is phenomenal! Don't you agree? Thank you @kstew222 for sharing this picture and your story. ・・・ #Repost @kstew222 ・・・ I am LIBERATED because I am STILL HERE! I am LIBERATED because I SURVIVED ASSAULT, an act meant to break my spirit and silence my POWER as a WOMAN. I am LIBERATED because I didn't let it win, I FOUGHT back until I became a WARRIOR!👊🏾I FOUGHT LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER to WALK with my HEAD PERMANENTLY HIGH!! I am LIBERATED because every morsel of my delicious brown body is STILL mine, every vibration in my VOICE is STILL LOUD and HONEST, every dream I have is STILL within MY REACH, and every energy in MY SPACE requires MY SOUL'S PERMISSION. I am LIBERATED because I am no one's VICTIM, I AM PROOF; proof in the beautiful promise that a new day WILL surely come, and in it...there will ALWAYS BE LIGHT💫✨💫Thank you to @liberatedpeople and @plannedparenthood who have joined together in the fight for ALL WOMEN, to protect our rights and bodies. Thank you to my dear friend @gbengaakinnagbe for including me in the movement of Liberated People. Buy your own T-shirt at where $5 of all proceeds go directly to PP to supply services to women of color. #liberatedwoman #plannedparenthood #liberatedpeople #survivor #woman

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